User agreement

This User Agreement is a contract binding between REDLAPDIGITAL IT Services Pvt. Ltd. and the user in regard to the various services which are provided by Goexploore Travel Portal.

REDLAPDIGITAL IT Services Pvt. Ltd., is a company incorporated under Indian laws, with the registered office situated at 216 Spandana Towers, Tirupathi - 517502. Goexploore offers diverse range of travel related services through the retail outlets, website, mobile technology plus call center.

1.1 Goexploore should offer the user travel related information, availability, pricing and reservations for hotels, airlines, holiday packages, car and bus rentals and railway. Goexploore offers its services across rural as well as urban areas all over India. The services can be availed by the users at all times of the year.

1.2 The services of Goexploore are offered to the users on conditional acceptance without any modification of the terms, conditions and notice which are comprised in the agreement and the terms of service, plus as updated on the site at different times. It is further clarified that on availing of the services the user acknowledges and accepts this agreement and terms of service. If the user of the site does not agree to any of the notices, terms or conditions, then the user should not avail the Goexploore services.

1.3 This Master User Agreement (“Agreement”) applies to all the users of Goexploore. The users should be required to accept the relevant terms and conditions of each service which they opt to avail. Such terms and conditions may be updated by Goexploore from time to time. In case of any conflicts between the terms and conditions and this agreement, the terms of the agreement should prevail.

1.4 The service provider may offer the terms as well as the guidelines which govern the specific features, offers or the operating rules which apply to each of the service. (Example isflights, railway, hotel reservations, packages, etc.). The user will be responsible to comply with the terms and operating rules of the service provider including the terms which are mentioned in Service Providers' contract of carriage, fare rules or the house rules.

1.5 Goexploore reserves the right of not accepting any user’s order without assigning the reason for the same. Any of the contract to offer any service by Goexploore is not complete until we receive full money for the service from the user and accepted by Goexploore.

2. Limited User  The user agrees not to sell, trade or exploit any part of the services for commercial purposes. The use of the website and the services of Goexploore are particularly meant for personal use and not for commercial purposes. Further the user consents as well as undertakes not to copy, modify, transmit, distribute, perform, copy, publish, reproduce, reverse engineer or sell any of the information, products, software or services obtained from Goexploore Website. It is further clarified that wholesale or unlimited reproduction or copying of content for any non commercial or commercial uses or unwarranted data modification is not permitted. Limited reproduction or copying of website content is allowed if the name of Goexploore is mentioned as the source.

3. Privacy Policy  Hereby, the user agrees expresses and consents that he has completely read and understood the privacy policy of the company. Further the user agrees that the terms and conditions are accepted by him.

4. Modification of Terms  Goexploore reserves the right to modify the conditions, terms and notice under which services are provided, inclusive of but not limited to service charges offered through the site. The user is responsible to review the terms and conditions on a regular basis.

5. Liability Limitation/Warranty Disclaimer

5.1 Goexploore has always successfully attempted to make sure that the data and information provided is accurate, but Goexploore does not guarantee or provide any representation related to the completeness, conciseness, accuracy, or quality of any information or data. Goexploore claims no implied or otherwise expressed warranty, related to the web-page(s) or/and its data and contents, also disclaiming all warranties regarding the correctness for any particular motive and warranties that are related to the merchant-ability related to service, which includes all responsibilities, liabilities as well as any claim, whatsoever, regarding any incurred whether consequential or direct, to any person/user, which comes out of or from the usage of such service or information

5.2 Even though reasonable efforts are made on the commercial front to make sure that the content and description on all the web-page(s) is accurate, it does not, in any case, claims responsibility for modifications that happen due to data and/or human errors, or for any incurred damage or loss to the User due to any data existing there.

Goexploore only acts as a services’ facilitator and shall not be held accountable for any disputes, deficiencies, shortcomings, or changes of any sort in regard to the Service Providers and/or their service, which includes the matters concerning the refunds (delay or no-refund), as well as the charges and expenses paid to the Service Providers mentioned herein. All refund to the customer in reference to cancellation/changing of the services/tickets/bookings or in any other way shall be done subject to the receiving of the amount by Goexploore from the concerned Service Providers, which includes but is not limited to, Airlines. Goexploore is solely a mediator and the provider of any service, and henceforth cannot prevent or control changes in the representation and descriptions showed that is based on the service providers’ information provided to Goexploore.

5.3 Goexploore does not promote and fund any advertiser and/or advertisement that are displayed on its website in any way. The Users are hereby requested to check and ensure the correctness of all data on their own before they undergo any commitment.

5.4 Goexploore only acts as a services’ facilitator and shall not be held accountable for any disputes, deficiencies, shortcomings, or changes of any sort in regard to the Service Providers and/or their service, which includes the matters concerning the refunds (delay or no-refund), as well as the charges and expenses paid to the Service Providers mentioned herein. All refund to the customer in reference to cancellation/changing of the services/tickets/bookings or in any other way shall be done subject to the receiving of the amount by Goexploore from the concerned Service Providers, which includes but is not limited to, Airlines.

5.5 Goexploore shall not be held accountable for any sort of insufficiency//delay to avail/use the services or website, the failure of service provision by the provider of the respective service, or for any graphics, services, products, software, information, or data that is received from Goexploore, either on a contractual basis, strict liability, negligence, or in any other way. Furthermore, Goexploore is not subject to liability for non-availability or down-time of the website during operations related to maintenance or unforeseen

Goexploore shall not be, in any event whatsoever, held accountable for any consequential, special, incidental, punitive, indirect, or direct loss or damage or any loss/damage which is a result of: (I) The inability/insufficiency to use the services; (ii) the cost of receiving of goods and/or services used as substitutes or being a result of any service, information, or goods received or bought or message delivered or transactions encountered by the medium of the services; (iii) changing/accessing the data of the user without any authorization or authentication; (iv) any other argument with relation to services; which includes without any exclusion or limit, damages for loss of profits, data or use, which are incurred due to, in any way, receiving the services of Goexploore.

5.6 By offering services related to particular locations and/or destinations, Goexploore does not, in any way, warrant or represent the idea that there is no risk involved in traveling to such destinations, and therefore shall be held accountable to any losses or damage(s) that incur as a result of visiting these locations.

Access-suspension to services that may happen due to reasons that are not under Goexploore’s control, including but not limited to technical reasons. The user(s) hereby acknowledges and agrees that any data and/or material downloaded or otherwise accessed from the Goexploore website/web-page(s) is carried out at completely self-discretion, and that they are completely liable for any damage that results from such material/data, including but not limited to the loss to their computer systems.

These exclusions, warranty disclaimers, and limitation apply and are valid without any regard to the arising of damages from (i)negligence, (ii) warranty-breach, (iii) contract-breach, or (iv) any other action or cause, stretching to the extent such limitations and exclusions are allowed by the valid law applicable.

Under any kind of situation, Goexploore has a maximum liability on its parts, in respect to any kind of services or offers availed, shall not exceed a maximum of the total amount being refunded that was charged to the customer for the provision of such services less any cancellation, refund, or charges of any other sort, as they can be applied. Under no circumstances Goexploore is accountable for any sort of loss or damage, be it consequential or additional expense, whatsoever. In no case Goexploore shall be held accountable for any returns or/refunds of fares/fee/charges that are paid to the provider of the service for provision of the service to the user.

6. Prohibition regarding Unlawful Usage

As a requisite of the Website usage, the User warrants and ensure that they will not use the Website or its contents for any incentive or motive that is illegal or against the law under any law or code for at the time in force outside India or within the country or prohibited by the points of this agreement, including the Terms of Services – implied as well as specific. Additionally, the Website shall not be used in any way that has the potential to impair, overburden, disable, or damage it or bring interference with any other user/entity’s usage of the Website. The user shall not obtain or attempt to obtain any sort of data, information or material(s) by any way that is not intended to be provided or made available through the website.

7. Links re-directing to Third Part Websites

7.1 The website is subject to containment of “Linked Sites” (links to other websites). These linked sites are, in no way, under the instruction or control of Goexploore or the Website and Goexploore shall not be held responsible for the contents and/or data of any such linked site, which includes without any limitation any sort of link that is a part of a linked site, or any updates or modifications to a linked site. Goexploore is not accountable for any kind of data transmission, in any way, that the user receives from the linked site. Goexploore is giving these link only for the sake of convenience for the User, and the link-inclusion does not indicate the funding or endorsement of the linked site or any of its content by Goexploore or the Website of the concerned Linked Sites or any relation with its managers/owners/operators, which includes the legal assigns and/or heirs thereof.

7.2 Goexploore is not accountable for any representations, omissions, or error on any Linked Site. Goexploore is not responsible for endorsement of any advertisement/advertiser on any Linked Site in any case/manner. The customers/Users are requested for verification of the correctness of any/all such information by their own before they undertake any sort of reliance on the information

8. Usage of Communication Services

8.1 Services such as bulletin boards, chat, e-mail, information regarding different tourists destinations, calendar, web pages, communities, forums, news groups, or messages of any other sort (hereafter called “Communication Services”). The User hereby acknowledges and agrees the usage of Communication Services for the sole purpose of receiving, sending and posting message and data that are related to the concerned Communication Service. By method of example, and not to be taken as a limitation, the User hereby gives his consent and undertakes that while using any Communication Service, (s)he will not:

  • Upload data or any type of file(s) which has software or any other kind of data/material that is protected by laws for intellectual property, unless in the case the User is owner and/or controllers of the rights to or has obtained all consents necessary for the same;

  • Threaten, stalk, harass, abuse, or defame or in any other way violate the rights of others;

  • Disseminate, distribute, upload, post, or publish any unlawful, indecent, obscene, infringing, defamatory, profane, or inappropriate information, material, name or topic.

  • Distribute or upload file(s) that consist of corrupt or virus files, or any other same programs or software which is potent for damaging the operation of the computer of any other User/ the Website.

  • Forward or conduct chain letters, pyramid schemes, contest or surveys;

  • Download any file which is posted by another customers of a Communication Service that the customer is aware of, or is liable to be aware of, cannot be distributed in any manner legally;

  • Offer to buy or sell or advertise any service(s) or good(s) for purpose of any business, unless the case is such that the Communication Service particularly allows such content;

  • Delete or render false any attributions by author, notices and proprietary labels and designations – be them legal or otherwise, of the source of origin of software or other data constituted in a file that is uploaded;

  • Commit violation of any guidelines or code of conduct that might be applicable to or for any Communication Service;

  • Commit a violation of any low for the current time either inside or outside India; and

  • Commit a violation of any of the postulates of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or any other conditions and terms for the use of the Website contained herein elsewhere.


8.2 None of the content, messages or information that is present in any communication Service is endorsed or controlled by Goexploore, henceforth Goexploore disclaims any specific responsibility or liability in any aspect, regarding the communication services and any repercussions that are a result of the participation of User/Customers in any of the listed Communication Service.

8.3 Goexploore is liable to right for disclosure of any data or information that is necessary for compliance or satisfaction of any governmental request, legal process, regulation or applicable law or to refuse to post, remove, or edit any material(s) or information, partially or wholly, in its sole discretion.

8.4 Goexploore is subject to reviewing and removes any material that is posted through the Communication Service and shall at its sole discretion, with the right for termination of the access of the customer/user at any point of time, without issuing any prior notice or providing a reason whatsoever.

8.5 Communication Service subjected materials that are uploaded may be liable to limitations on usage, dissemination or reproduction. It is the sole responsibility of the User to adhere to any such limitation and keep himself aware of any update to such limitations, in case they are downloading the material(s).

8.6 At the time of registration with Goexploore, we or any group companies/affiliates/partners of ours are allowed to contact you at regular time intervals for provision of information/offers of services or products that is beneficial for you according to our experience.

9. Access Restriction/ Termination

In its sole discretion, Goexploore is entitled to the right to terminate access to the services related to the Website and the Website itself or any part thereof, without any prior notice at any instant of time.

10. Payment of Fees

10.1 The right for charging of listing fees for certain listings and charges for transactions on the basis of completed transactions using its services is reserved with Goexploore. It further reserves the right for alteration of all or partial fees at any time, without any prior warning or notice.

10.2 All applicable assessments, levies, taxes, duties, fees and charged are a liability of the User to be paid, for receiving services from Goexploore.

11. User Account and User’s Obligations

11.1 The User confirms and represent s that the age of the User is legal and as required for entrance into a contract that is binding in nature, and is not a person that is not allowed to avail the Services under any applicable law, including but not limited to the laws of India.

11.2 The user must be maintaining at his sole discretion as well as cost for availing any Service through the Website: (I) For availing the services and accessing the website, all required equipment and gadgets; (ii) Self access to the internet and the world wide web. The access of the services are the sole responsibility of the user, with the access possibly involving third-party fees that includes ISP charger or airtime chargers that are to exclusively paid by the user.

11.3 It is under the knowledge and acknowledgment of the User that services is subject to inclusion of given communications from Goexploore as message for announcement of Services and administration. The User agrees and acknowledges that the Services are available on a basis of “as is” and that Goexploore does not hold any liability for failures.

11.4 The registration of the User is optional on the website. If the user chooses to register for the Website, the completion of the process of registration implies that the user shall receive a password along with a user id. The user acknowledges and undertakes the responsibility for managing the secrecy of the user id and its password, and shall be completely liable for the activities that take place by the aforementioned user id and password. Furthermore, the user complies to withstand from the usage of any other entities password and user id for any purpose whatsoever, without permission and authentication from the entity. The responsibility of the user id and password solely rests with the user for all transactions that are carried out using the given id and password.

The transmission of the password that you provide is in a manner of one-way encryption form towards our database, and is stored in the similar condition. Therefore, the password related to a user’s id is not known to Goexploore at any point of time. The user provides the conformation that he/she is the authentic occupant of the credit card or the original holder of the account which is used by the user for Goexploore services and transactions. In any case whatsoever, Goexploore shall not be held responsible for monetary losses or agony, beside any inconvenience which is a result of the password/credit card number/user id/ account details that are provided/used by the customer for availing the services of Goexploore.

11.5 The customer/user hereby acknowledges and agrees to his duty of notifying Goexploore on an immediate basis about any unauthentic or unauthorized access or usage of the password and user Id of the user, ensuring that the each session at the website is concluded with the user being logged off. Any damage or loss, direct or indirect, shall not a responsibility of Goexploore, which arises out of the failure of compliance by the user with the requirements.

11.6 The user also agrees and acknowledges for: (I) providing complete, accurate, and true information and data about his beneficiaries and himself as asked by the registration for, (hereafter referred as “Registration Data”) on the Website and the web-page(s); and (ii) promptly update and maintain the Registration Data to keep it complete, accurate, current, and true at all times. If the provision of any information by the user is found to be incomplete, inaccurate, or false in any aspect, Goexploore holds the right for suspending and/or terminating the registration of the user and refuse all/any of the usage of any service/web-page(s) provided by Goexploore.

11.7 Further, the User allows the right to disclosure of Registration Data to third parties to Goexploore, for carrying out the services and other related purposes.

12. Breach

12.1 Without preconception to the different remediation accessible to Goexploore under this agreement, the Terms of Services or under relevant law, Goexploore may bound the User's action, or terminate the User's database, advise other individuals of the user's act, instantly temporarily/permanently alter or end the user's enrollment, and/or say no to provision of access to the website for the user if:

  • the customer breaches this agreement, the Terms of Services or the data it integrates by reference;

  • Goexploore is not able to confirm or authorize any data given by the user; or

  • Goexploore conceives that the user's proceedings may conflict on any third party rights or break any law that is applicable or otherwise cause any indebtedness for the user, other customers/users of Goexploore and/or the website.

12.2 Suspended customers and user account can be reinstated at any point of time, under the sole discretion of Goexploore. After being suspended indefinitely, the user may not attempt to register with the website or Goexploore in any way till the time the user is recalled and his account his reinstated by Goexploore. If a breach is conducted by the user of the agreement, the terms of services and/or the documents that are incorporated by it in reference, Goexploore holds the right to recover any quantity owing and due by the User to Goexploore or/and the provider of the service, and/or take a legal action as felts necessary and suitable by Goexploore.

13. Relationship

Not a single one of the provisions and points of notices, terms and conditions, or this agreement or the right for using the Website by the user herein contained or any other part or section of the Linked Site and/or Website, shall be considered to make a partnership between Goexploore and the concerned User/Customer and no party shall possess the power or authority for binding or shall be considered to be the agent of the other in any means. However, it is to be noted that if by the usage of this Website, the User authenticates and grants permission to its agents and Goexploore itself for accessing third-party sites which are allotted by them or on the behalf of them for retrieval of information requested, the User shall be rendered having appointed the agents of Goexploore and itself as his/her agent for the concerned purpose in discussion.

14. Proprietary Rights

14.1 The User may be provided by content that includes, but is not limited to, video, graphics, sounds and photographs by Goexploore, which is contained in information or advertisements by sponsors. Copyright, intellectual property laws and trademarks may be in place for protection of these materials. This material may be used by the user only as listed and authorized by Goexploore and shall not create, transmit, or copy works derived from such material without authorization in expression from Goexploore.

14.2 The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that no content shall be distributed, reproduced, posted or uploaded through or on the Website which is protected by third-party Proprietary Rights or copyrights, before getting the owner’s permission regarding such right. Any proprietary content or copyrighted content distributed through or on the website with the owner’s content must be with the required copyright or other notice for Proprietary Rights. Distribution or submission of Proprietary Rights or copyrighted material that is unauthorized is not legal and is subject to the criminal prosecution or personal liability of the User.

15. Number and Genders Interpretation

The singular form as well as the plural form the terms defined herein shall be applicable for all the terms and conditions defined. As the requirement of the context, feminine and masculine shall be included by any pronoun. The words “including”, “includes”, and “include shall be regarded to be suffixed by the phrase “without limitation”. Unless there is an event where requirement is otherwise, the terms “hereunder”, “hereto”, “hereof”, and “herein” and similar words are in reference to this agreement as a whole.

16. Headings

The sole purpose of inclusion of headings and subheadings in here is for the purpose of identification and convenience, and they are not aimed to limit or define the scope, interpret, or describe the intent or extent of this agreement, the terms of services or the right for using the website by the User that is contained in here or any section of the website otherwise, including any linked sites in all manners possible.

17. Severability

In the case of this Agreement or any of its provision being rendered unenforceable or invalid, partly or on a whole, such unenforceable or invalidity condition shall connect only to a part or whole of such a postulate, and the remainder part of the postulate of such a provision of the agreement must continue to be in complete effect and force.

18. Indemnification

The user understands and comply with the condition to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Goexploore against and from any kind of expenses, costs, damages, claims, liabilities and losses, which includes disbursements and legal fee in connection with the same, incurred by or asserted against Goexploore that are a result of any under-performance or breakage of any agreement, covenant, warranty, or representation made or obligation that is performed by the user who is pursuing the Terms of Services as well as this agreement.

19. Termination of Agreement and Services

19.1 This agreement and service can be terminated either by Goexploore or the user without and prior notice.

19.2 User agrees that under certain conditions, Goexploore is liable to immediately terminate the user’s id and access without any notice prior to the action. The causes for such an event of termination are inclusive of, but not limited to, non-payment of fees owned by the user, requests by government agencies, breach of the agreement of terms of services by the user as specified in the Terms of Services.

19.3 Either Goexploore or the User is capable of terminating the following agreement by a written notice to one another.

Goexploore shall not be held responsible by the user or any third part for the Service’s termination. If any conditions or terms of this agreement is objects by the User, any terms of services or is not happy with the service in any other way, the user’s only option is to urgently discontinue the usage of service and website, and notify Goexploore of the same.

19.4 When the service is terminated, the right for using the services and website by the user as well as the usage of software right shall be suspended permanently. The user ceases to have any right and Goexploore will not be obligated after the same to execute the task that was left unfinished of the User or forward and unsent or unread messages to any third party or the User. Once the services are terminated or suspended, the user data that was stored on website will not be retrievable.

20. Notices

Communications and notices, including changes related to termination of Service, Service, or changes in terms of services shall be written in English language and must be regarded given if they have been provided personally or by a delivery service, or mailed by certified or registered mail, or sent via fax or email to the address:

  • If being sent to Goexploore, at and/or at the address given on Website.

  • If to a user not registered, at the email address or address of communication specified in the application form of a service provided by Goexploore.

  • If to a user who is registered, at the specified email address or communication in the form for registration. Notice shall be recognized to have passed 2 complete days after it was sent out, unless the notice was sent via email, it comes to the idea of the party who is sending, that is address given for email is not valid.

21. Governing Law

Each Terms of Services as well as this agreement is constructed and governed in strict accordance to the Indian laws, without any regard to conflict of principles and laws and disputes that come out related hereto are to be subject of the jurisdiction.