Privacy policy

1. General Principles

GoExploorer’s Privacy Policy has been developed to ensure the protection of your personal information and keep it confidential. Indeed, we attach high priority to protect your privacy.

We would take all reasonable endeavors to protect your privacy on our websites and the systems controlled directly by us; nevertheless we cannot be held liable for any unauthorized or unlawful act of disclosures made by third parties about your personal or confidential information. The third parties include the advertisers and websites that have links to our website. It will be pertinent to mention here that these third parties which includes advertisers, business associates, sponsors or the hyperlinks of other sites provided by us in the site, may not follow the same strict policy initiatives as we do.

The security of the information that you transmit to us does not thus carry any warranty from us.

In regular course of business, we categorize the information sent by you (summarized as “Personal Information”) in undernoted manner:

  • Profile Information Data: When you subscribe to or register at our website, the following information is typically sought

    • General details about your Personal identity like gender, age, race, religion etc

    • Your financial particulars like your bank details, credit card and broad information about our income and lifestyle

    • We seek your contact details like postal address, mobile/phone/fax numbers etc

    • Your Account history with us which includes all payment as well as billing information, communications sent to you and/or received from you, payment history and the similar exchanges (without limitation). As a policy, we maintain this information in secure servers in encrypted form for utmost protection.

  • Usage of Services and User IDs: The information about the websites which you visit or request downloads using our services along with your usernames, passwords, email addresses and other information with respect to our services.

  • Login and transaction information: This includes your IP address, Date and time of your web request, browser type and language etc. along with your e commerce transactions with us (other than banking details).

  • Correspondence and Stored Information: The origin and destination of all correspondences using our services including emails, blogs, membership of mailing list and the data created by you or third party including image files or documents stored on our servers.

The purpose of our collection of your Personal Information is to conduct our routine business and delivery of efficient services to you.

The disclosure of your Personal Information by us is done only as per guidelines in this Privacy Policy. Should we propose to use it for any other objective, your prior consent shall be sought.

Should you not be willing to submit your personal information to GoExploore, we regret to express our inability to extend our services to you.

The information which includes any personal information as well that you provide when you use our Services in unencrypted manner and that in any of the open public environment which includes blogs, chat rooms, discussion boards, community etc is not confidential. This will also not be treated as Personal Information and thus will not be covered under our Privacy Policy. Since these public environments are also accessible by third parties, the possibility of anyone collecting and using your Personal information or any such information to their own purposes exists. You should therefore use your own discretion to the information that you share while using such public forums.

The publicly disclosed information is also likely to be shared with our affiliates, third party service providers, etc unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

GoExploore shall not ever be made liable to you or any third party for any damages (As defined in Clause___ of our Terms & Conditions) that you may suffer from disclosure of your Personal Information on any Public environment using our Service.

In case you wish to stop receiving our emails as well as other marketing communications sent through us or you wish to remove all Personal Information data about you collected by us; Click here to inform us about your concerns or go to our support desk.

The services of third part service providers are engaged by GoExploore to float advertisements across the internet as well as on our site. The third party advertisers may collect anonymous information about your visits as well as your clicks to our products or services. We have limited control over the third parties and they may use such information for advertisement of other goods or services promoted by them. However, your name, phone number, email address, postal address etc or any such personal information cannot be collected by them in the process.  The use of pixel tag technology, most prevalent in the industry, enables them to collect the anonymous information.

Should you like to know more about this practice and your options about restricting them to use anonymous information collected by the third party advertisers, you can click at

2. Right to collect

Through acceptance of the Terms, you are agreeable that we may collect and store your Personal Information for the period you subscribe or use our services subject to the limitations mentioned in this Privacy Policy.  

Your Profiling and Account Information are collected for the reasons mentioned hereby:

  • In order to build, develop and manage Services provided to you in better manner, we require your identity details along with contact address, bank details and account history with us. This disclosure of this information shall be only made by us for the circumstances provided in Clause 3 below.  

  • Certain of the information related to you is used by us for a compilation form to aggregate profiles related to demographics and statistics for our activities regarding marketing and business. Such information and data about you may be disclosed, given that the said information or data is in a compilation, which is not possible to be interpreted or used in a way that leads to your identification.

Your transaction-information and Service Usage data and information is stored by us post collection for:

  • Regulation or statutory requirements and compliance with them;

  • determination and verification of the Services charges that you have to pay and for administration of the relationship between you and us;

  • Your demographic and statistical profile’s aggregation about you for the purpose of customization of the services provided to you by our marketing and business activities. Although we have the authorization for usage of such information and data related to you for the purpose of our internal business developments without any restriction or limitation, the disclosure of such information will be in a non-aggregated way that is not able enough for being interpreted or utilized in a manner that leads to your identification; and

  • Monitoring the usage of our Services with the motive of making sure our User Terms and Rules are complied with.

Your personal Identifiers and Information about Correspondence is stored and collected by us for:

  • compliance with the clause 3 stated below and our related obligations; and

  • For ensuring compliance by you with the provided User Rules under the stated clause 3 by the Services used by you.

Personal Identifiers and/or the Correspondence Information will only be disclosed under the below stated conditions of the clause 3.

For ensuring your compliance with the below stated clause 3, we may scan and/or store your Stored Information.

Any Personal Information that is collected by us and we may use the same in a compiled format, which will rendered as the property owned by us. At our sole discretion, we are authorized to use it without providing and compensation or royalty to you of any kind, for any purpose that qualifies as legitimate, which includes but is not limited to the sale of the said information for commercial purposes to any third party/parties.

“Cookies” are used by our websites in order to provide our User with a set of customized and personally-suited information for re-visiting Users. The usage of “Cookies” is for the storage of personal preferences of the User and for tracking and analysis of the trends followed by User, in an attempt to better the experiences gained by the User interactively and overall improvement of the Services provided to you by us. Your browser can be customized by you to give you a notification when we send you a “cookie”, providing you with an opportunity to choose whether to accept or decline it. If you accept a “cookie”, you also agree and accept the usage of any information collected by the Cookie by us, including Personal Information.

By using the function of Personalize, you are subject to updating your Profiling Information at any instance by choice.

You hereby agree and completely understand that the improvement of personalizing and related interests and services related measures taken by us may include the sharing of Personal Information provided by use to our affiliates, under secure and controlled supervision. The affiliates include, but are not limited to, a body which is our holding company or subsidiary or a holding company’s subsidiary or a body which is under common control, or controls, or is controlled by our services and us in any way.


3. General Exception

For the purpose of storing, monitoring, disclosing, and/or intercepting your Personal Information:

  • For enforcement of our personal rights;

  • For securing our systems;

  • For conducting our business; or

  • By law, the same will be carried out in a way as recommended by the legislation.

We have the authority to conduct, without your knowledge, the said storage, monitoring, disclosure, and/or interception. In such as scenario, you cannot hold us liable to you and/or any third party for any losses, as laid by the Terms of Condition of our website, clause 14 that may arise in any way out of the said storage, monitoring, disclosure and interception.

For making sure that the User Rules are duly complied with by our Users, monitoring could be done on your Personal Information by us, stretching to a degree that this may be needed for determination of the level of you complying with the terms and rules and/or for identification of non-compliance, with particular instances of non-compliance being monitored.

Your Personal Information may be monitored by us, for the purpose of ensuring that the Services and their integrity and security are safe. Without any limitation, the aforementioned monitoring includes the filtration of messages via electronic data, outgoing and incoming, for prevention, limitation, and/or identification of obscene, defamatory, unlawful, viruses, and/or spams or undesirable or unpleasant content or material being transmitted.

Under certain conditions, we may proceed with the procurement of a part of the Services from a service provider (third-party). To exemplify, for serving advertisements for our Website when visited by you, we may use advertising companies (third-party). You hereby agree that such third party be disclosed Personal Information related to you to the extent that may be needed, and solely with the motive of Service provision to you, as may be required for the provision of service. Information, excluding your phone number, e-mail, address, and name, may also be used by these companies, about your visits to other Websites, including this, for provision of display of services and goods in the form of advertisements that you may be interested in. From the respective parties, more information and data can be retrieved regarding this practice and your options regarding these companies not using your information.

Additionally, along with the general limitation in the Terms, we are not accountable to any third party or you for any losses, as laid by the Terms of Condition of our website, clause 14, incurred by any third party or you in any way as a result of the provision of your Personal Information. Your only option and/or solution under such conditions will be to terminate this agreement.